Rocket to the Stars!
Some old
Some new
Some tried and true
Some “retro” flare
And Rock-a-Billy too !

Joey Dillon presents his passion for the Old West showcasing the art of trick and fancy gun handling. He continues to thrill his audiences – young and old – with the speed and dexterity that earned him world champion status.
Besides spinning guns at breakneck speed, Joey loves to add his unique comedic anecdotes to spice up his shows. You’re sure to have a chuckle or two and be amazed at Joey’s newest gun handling moves.
Coaching others to perfect their gun handling techniques is another part of Joey’s repertoire. Hollywood celebrities, western re-enactors, and your every day gun enthusiasts have all benefitted from Joey’s talent and teaching qualities. His DVD “Dillon” is available for purchase which includes his most popular tricks along with bonus feature entertainment.
As quoted from True West Magazine (August 2009), “while Dillon tours as a gunspinner, he’s also been inching ever closer to a career in film.” -- “I want to champion the cause for the next generation………to introduce Westerns to a new generation.”
With as much enthusiasm and passion that Joey has for the Old West, it would only seem logical for the movie industry to be touched and guided by Joey’s talents in the days to come…………the culmination of his own personal dreams .
“Dream by Dream they made their way across this land……………we won’t forget them, that’s how the West was Won”
Riding alongside the memories of the pioneers of yesteryear, Joey’s frontier spirit will add to the continuation of our nation’s great Western heritage.
“Let’er Buck”

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About the author: Inta Brown is an avid horsewoman and lover of all things western. She blogs about life and her unique observations of it at

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